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Leave the Tasks to Us

What We Offer

With  healthcare assistance we offer at TaskWatchers, you can now focus on your well-being or your more important daily life  transactions. Browse below to discover what we offer to medical clients .

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Medical Arrangements

  • Provide daily reminders for scheduled medical appointments/arrange the schedule of medical appointments
  • Arrange/organize and provide daily reminders for medical transportation services/prescription drug pickup/drop-off
  • Daily reminders/follow-up reminders for all your arranged medical home services, such as:
    • Skilled nursing visitation
    • Physical therapy visitation
    • Occupational therapy visitation
    • Speech therapy visitation
    • Home health aid visitation
    • Medical social worker visitation

Other Services

  • Home care services/reminders/follow-ups/requests for occupational and physical therapy and home aid/nurse visits for vitals and PT thrombin monitoring
  • Arrangements/assistance with personal financing obligations, such as monthly utility bills and other financial bills
  • Other personal assistance (based upon requests and whether the service is offered by the agency)

What Folks Say About Our Services

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